Build muscle. It doesn’t take much time.

What is the single biggest quality of life enhancement or productivity boosting practice that you have adopted in the last 5 years , which has allowed you to get much more done than ever before?

I learned a lot of new practices and habits in the last 5 years. Managed to change some behaviours as well.

But when I gave it some thought, it became clear to me that underlying all this and the work that I got done, the dominant reason was excellent health.

And the single biggest practice that has made me fitter, stronger at 52 than I was even in my twenties? Weightlifting.

In the last 2-3 years, I could put on well above 10 kilos of muscle, reduce body fat to very healthy levels and increase my strength 200 to 300 percent for almost all the major muscle groups . And also now I have a waistline that’s slimmer than ever before and I am energetic through the day.

I am not talking about pumping iron many times a week. I simply don’t have the time for that. I can’t also risk eating a lot of starch and protein calories and bulking up, which is the mainstream dietary advice for building muscle. I am too scared that all that eating to bulk up will give me metabolic disease.

I used an amazing technique that takes less than 25 minutes in the gym, once a week. It gave me week on week muscle and strength gains for 3 years and the gains are still continuing. And I gain muscle on a moderate protein, high fat, VLC cyclic ketogenic diet. A diet that is supposed to inhibit muscle gains because there is not enough protein and starch for anabolism.

You can get the same results and possibly much more (because you are unlikely to have my self imposed dietary limitations) and spend only 20 minutes once a week to do so – Body by Science by John R Little.

I recommend it.

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