Portable Medical Imaging and Communicating Thought

I was reading this extraordinary set of claims for a new technology at this link – https://medium.com/s/where-is-the-future/telepathy-could-be-real-are-we-ready-2750f11ddfbd

Coming from Mary Lou Jepsen, you have no option but to take the claims seriously.

Imagine looking into your body at resolutions that are even better than MRIs or CAT Scans. Imagine being able to do that over extended periods of time and not just looking at organs but also movements and flows! And all this as a wearable and not while lying inside a huge machine in a hospital.

The telepathy piece is something I have difficulty believing in. I think the jump from imaging, to interpretation and then communication of complex thought patterns is not feasible using any current technology.

Speech to text is complex enough. Interpretation of the nuances of language is still a work in progress.

Here we are talking of interpreting thought, or rather the visual expression of it as seen on an imaging machine. I suppose that will work  for basic commands that you would use for playing a video game for example. It may also work for communicating simple phrases or feelings or direction etc.

I can’t see how complex, structured (or monkey brain) thinking can be interpreted or communicated.

Maybe I am reading this wrong. I am assuming that a machine is interpreting and then communicating the interpreted thought patterns to humans. On the contrary, here it is humans who interpret the raw expression of thought?  And this is easy for us because it is not much different from what we “see” in our own heads?

I would so love to be a part of this team! This work seems to be really exciting.

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