Hazardous work and no protection in New Delhi

This is a photo I took today in New Delhi. In the heart of Lutyens Delhi, where our ministers and senior bureaucrats live.

These are sanitation workers cleaning the underground sewers.

The men you see are wearing no protection. 

No gloves. No boots. They are bare bodied. They also do not wear any masks before opening the manholes and descending into the sewers.

Who are the people who employ them? Why does the New Delhi city government allow this? Is this not illegal? 

These workers could fall victim to an accident. They may contract illness due to exposure to pathogens or toxins. And given India’s fairly dysfunctional justice system, they will have no recourse. Nobody will pay for illegal worker treatment like this and nobody will pay for the damage that will happen to their health and well-being.

This is in Delhi. Less than 4 kilometers from the seat of our government. Just imagine what the situation is, in other parts of India…

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